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The ADHD-Busting Digital Productivity Planner

The ADHD-Busting Digital Productivity Planner

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Do you find that your brain moves too quickly to keep up with?

Does it feel like you’ve got a million things on your plate but don’t know where to start?

Ever wish you could get ahead and stop getting in your own way?

The ADHD-Busting Digital Productivy Planner is the ultimate solution to help you harness your focus and achieve more. Designed specifically for individuals with ADHD or ADHD-adjacent brain patterns, this unique digital planner is the tool you've been longing for.

Here's what makes our ADHD-Busting Digital Productivity Planner a game-changer:

🎯 Weekly and Monthly Goal Planners: Set your goals, define success, and reward yourself for staying on track. This will allow you to stay motivated and chase the dopamine that comes with highlighting what you set out to achieve. 

🔍 Review Sheets: Reflect on what worked and what didn't with minimal input and in a matter of seconds. You’ll be able to shift quickly and stay on track without getting bored or burnt out. 

📅 Three Daily Focus Planners: Choose the planner that suits your mood, schedule your day, set priorities, identify key tasks, and anticipate potential challenges. You’ll use short bursts to keep things fresh and top of mind.

💪 Audacious Ambition Planner: Conquer daunting tasks by breaking them down into manageable steps, instilling confidence along the way and helping you follow through on Big Hairy Audaicous goals.

📋 Task-of-the-Day Planner: Highlight today's must-do item, ensuring nothing stands in your way. This will help you prioritize without getting caught up in the little tasks that may not move as many levers. 

📄 One-Page Project Planner: Break down significant objectives into achievable chunks, allocate resources, manage deadlines, and stay on track with step-by-step action outlines. This planner is perfect for vanquishing procrastination and project burnout.

💰 Spend Tracker: Some of us need a little extra help when it comes to staying on top of our spending habits. Nothing to be ashamed of, our brains simply can’t do it on their own! Leverage this tracker to assess, plan, and question purchases before making them.

🏋️ Health and Fitness Tracker: When we’re stuck in our heads trying to put together our best work, our own health oftentimes takes a backseat. This tracker allows you to reprioritize it by helping —ensuring a balanced and active lifestyle.

🙏 Gratitude Journal: Take a mindful pause to appreciate your progress and personal growth. Practicing gratitude allows you push negative self talk out of your head and focus on the good things happening in your life. Not only does it feel better to think of the positive, but statistically, people are 50% more productive when they do.

Fast. Accessible. Simple. Action-oriented. Inside, you'll find a wealth of powerful features and tools, meticulously crafted to support your productivity journey.

♾️ Unlimited Access To Your Tools FOR LIFE: This isn't a fancy app that you'll need to learn, a website with yet another login to remember or a program you need to download. Buy once... own it forever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

What is it?

It's an interactive PDF that is built as a productivity journal. It will help you to set goals, break them into achievable actions, and track your progress so you'll be more likely to achieve the things you want in life and in work.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely – our store is built using Shopify, the gold standard for ecommerce and online sales.

Through their payment gateways, we accept credit cards (via Stripe), Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal payments. Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure, and Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. Visit Shopify's secure shopping page for more details!

How is it delivered?

As soon as you pay, you'll be shown a link that will bring you to your product. You'll also be able to create an account, and you'll receive an email with the link for safekeeping, meaning you'll have ongoing access to your products.

Is this product refundable?

Well, this app is something that you have – something that you can keep– much like other downloadable digital products like ebooks or template kits. It’s sold on a once-off basis, and that’s why we don’t offer a blanket refund policy.

That being said though, we want to ensure that our customers are always happy – and to that end, we’ll do everything we can to help you if it’s not what you expected. So, drop us an email us and we’ll take it from there. 

Does this tool work in other languages?

The tool will still work if you input text in a language other than English. So you'll have no problems if you're bilingual and comfortable reading headings in English.

Can I use this app on my mobile/device?

This app is usable across most devices using third-party note-taking software (find out about our favourites here). This includes most tablets, phones, laptops, and desktop computers. 

Do I need to download anything or install software?

Most of our tools are spreadsheet-based apps, so you don’t need to download anything to your own device to use it. As long as you have access to Google Sheets and a decent internet connection, you’re ready to get going.

Some products may require note-taking software (we recommend Goodnotes, though there are tonnes of free products available) – but we never ask you to install our own software on your devices.

And just to be clear, it's a PDF?

Yes, it's a PDF – but that's under-selling it slightly!

The value lies not within the technology, but in the process and the results. We've been refining and iterating these for years, and building them into user-friendly products so that others can benefit from what we've learned along the way.

So much like you would pay for a nice planner or journal – or a book about best practices on productivity – we're confident that this investment will be well worth it for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Yet to use it

I havnt started using it yet so it’s based purely on the layout. I’m unsure of how it will help me or that it is even the right choice. Just feels like yet again another person I have been handed to for another round of games

Jorge E Zequeira

I havent been able to download it

Griselle Otero
It’s great!

I think it could be better. By example the day planer is only one page, when it could be seven pages, one for each day. Also with the monthly and weekly planners.

Soeun Phallin Phallin

The ADHD-Busting Digital Productivity Planner

Love it !!

I Can remember and focus more 🎉